Last Updated on 16th February 2024

To build a high traffic website you need good SEO. There, we said it. May as well go for the kill. But truth does speak the loudest!

Whilst it is also true that SEO initially seems like a waste of money, the fact of the matter is, you have to invest in SEO to make be a success online – otherwise you waste your money paying a developer to build your website in the first place.

If you are not prepared to make an investment in digital marketing, then do not opt for an online presence. If you already have a website, or are thinking of building a website, you need SEO.

It does have financial benefits…

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process

Online marketing has become a phenomenon. The money stakes involved are just too high to ignore. And that is why search engine marketing (SEM) continues to capture the largest share of online spending.

We know then that digital marketing is not just a fanciful whim. However, you have to be realistic and understand that SEO takes time to deliver an ROI that is acceptable and affordable to your business. It’s an ongoing process. And there are several key reasons for that.

First of all, there is a lot of competition on the internet and search engines need to identify the sites that are worthy of recommendation to their clients – the end users.

So approach SEO from a users point of view. You probably already have the experience. If you are getting poor search results from a search engine, what do you do? You try another search engine.

This means that search engines need to identify sites that are producing high quality content and providing a good userexperience. These metrics are based on trust and authority.

And just as you experience with real-life relationships, it takes time before you can trust and respect a person.

Not only that, but search engines keep changing the rules of engagement. To be fair on search engines, it is not their fault. That lies with some online business owners trying to cheat their way to the top. Hence the trust and authority measures.

Markets constantly change

No matter what industry you are in, new inventions and developments are introduced whereby you have new products to sell and advertise. And that means new product webpages optimised with relevant keywords also need developing.

Every time you create a new page, it costs you time and money. And as we have already established, if you are not already ranking for SEO, your new pages will not rank in search engines. Therefore, you throw more money at a website nobody visits.

The market you are in will also change because of your competitors. It is often the case that rival businesses have to create bigger and better ideas to corner a greater share of the market.

New offers, products and services appear and the chasing pack follows suit. Ideally, you will be the innovative company, but don’t expect this will always be the case.

Either way, the constantly changing markets require new content and web development that has to be paid for.

If you have invested in an online presence, you have to continue investing otherwise you waste money you have already spent. Furthermore, you will continue to waste money updating a website this is essentially useless without SEO.