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Be there when needed. Great content makes that happen, but you need to know your audience well, and their informational needs.  You can meet them via our data driven creative content strategies.  It’s not simply enough to create content online to reach a target audience.  It takes something exceptional to grab the attention of the people who matter.

Content is all around us; from the evergreen stock on your site which matures over time, increasing in power and trust signals, to the flow content which takes the form of tweets, timely blog posts and contributed content on industry authority platforms.  But… it needs to be the right content to cut through the noise and keep one step ahead of your competitors.  It takes a fresh and data-driven approach to crafting the right strategy for your online content and how best to market it to your audience in digital landscapes.  That’s where we come in to help you meet the informational needs of your target audience in content forms they want to consume on any device.

Most prospective customers are really just looking to meet information needs.  Search engines are looking to help them with this.  This is where we can help you identify the information needs of your target market and understand where they are at each point of the user buying cycle.  We’ll then help you map meeting those needs to content and help you create that content so it’s always there at a time that matters to your visitors, customers, prospects and suspects.  Be useful first, then be amazing.

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There’s more than one way to reach your target audience.  You need a mixture of rich and compelling pieces to resonate with the people who matter for brand awareness, engagement and ROi over time.  Our research and ideation into what gets your key customer personas going will hit all the right buttons and build buzz around your brand.  We’ll define segments, targets and personas and map their typical user journey and pain points to use ‘micro-moment’ content marketing as your pospects move through the marketing funnel.

Every Brand Has A Story To Tell

Story-telling and building a picture so your audience can not only follow along with your brand journey, but can be part of it too is at the heart of the strategies we look to pull together for clents.  Even the driest and most ‘boring’ industries have stories and tales to tell.  You’ll often find you have a huge amount of content just sitting around within your own organisation too that we can tap into.  As business owners, brands and brand teams you’ve not doubt built up a little bit of knowledge of your industry over the years.  It’s time to think about how we can help you to tap into that so you emerge as the ‘go to’ publishers and industry experts in your vertical or niche.

Always Ethical, Always Customer Centric Content Strategy

Many clients come to us because they’ve had a bad experience elsewhere with SEO or digital marketing services.  They may have been impacted by Google’s Penguin (link based algorithm) or Panda (content based algorithm), and seen their online traffic plummet.  They’e dealt with less than ethical short-cut takers.  We’re proud to say all our projects are carried out with entirely customer-first, target-audience-first, and we don’t take short cuts.  We use white-hat SEO and content marketing techniques amplified by digital PR.  We research your audience to learn the type of content they’re looking to consume, and then we create it and market it in order to reach that target audience.  That’s it.  We don’t spin articles, buy links, throw cheap links at your content, or any of the other under-hand tactics you may have seen before.  We just do good on page and technical SEO and content marketing right.

Be The Queen, Jack and King of Content

Content consumption has grow phenomenally in recent years, and it’s not just words on a webpage either.  Video and image consumption has sky-rocketed.  You need a blended content marketing strategy to meet the many ways in which people like to learn, read, view, listen and watch online.  Your content strategy must be mapped to meet your target audience personas and their typical customer journey and experience with your brand.  We’ll learn about your business and what the typical customer wants  before crafting the perfect content marketing strategy to meet their needs.Our carefully crafted strategy will come from our years of industry experience and thousands of targeted blog posts, email newsletters, infographic designs and press releases so you can be sure your content ideation and creation is in the right hands.