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How We Can Help You via Shopify SEO

Shopify is Good, but not Perfect

Whilst Shopify has many positive attributes such as secure hosting, ease of user interface and a wealth of apps which integrate with the platform, it also has its down-sides, particularly when it comes to SEO.

Our team are absolute experts in handling the challenges for SEO which Shopify can bring, such as many duplicate ecommerce pages, canonicalisation problems, indexing problems in search engines, and challenges with filters and parameters.

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Canonical Issues with Shopify

One of the major challenges on the Shopify platform is its tendency to give search engines conflicting signals about which page from a number of similar or exactly duplicate pages, a search engine should choose.  Our team can help to solve this.

Shopify SEO for The Long Term

We don’t just provide a quick fix.  We provide fixes that will last for the long term and via Shopify SEO techniques we will help gain more credibility and trust via consistent signals as search engines come back to visit.  In turn, this will help you to attract more traffic to the right pages on your site.  Long term solutions (and hopefully fixed quickly too)

More Reasons To Choose Us To Help With Shopify SEO


Increase your sales

Optimising your Shopify site will help increase sales vis increased visibility in search

Experts in online shopping

Our experts have been working on Shopify sites and other ecommerce sites for over a decade.  Huge knowledge to share and help you get more traffic

Multi platform experience

We’ve worked on pretty much every online shopping platform.  Whether your site is Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Open Cart, Shopify or another type of platform we’ll be able to help

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