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Strategic Digital & SEO Consultancy

We help exciting and innovative brands and businesses increase reach, and grow online traffic through digital marketing with a specialism in SEO.  Bertey takes a holistic, results-oriented, audience-targeted approach, which proves a huge success for brands – evident in the lasting long-term relationships we’ve fostered with clients through the years.

How can Bertey help?

Technical SEO helps to ensure your site is in good health

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO consultant are experts at identification of issues when it comes to crawling and indexing.  We’re all over server response codes, duplicate and near-duplicate content, javascript frameworks and dynamic content serving.  With over a decade’s experience as leading experts in the technical aspects of search engine discovery we’re well equipped to help you resolve issues with your site.

SEO audits

SEO Website Audits

Our SEO audits involve a huge number of checks to help you identify the problems your site has which may be preventing search engines crawling, indexing and ranking your website.  We’ll leave no stone unturned and carry out a 360 degree analysis.


Speaking & SEO Training

Our Founder, Dawn Anderson, speaks at conferences around the world and we also provide SEO training for in-house digital marketing teams.

SEO search engine optimisation

SEO Strategy

The ways in which you need to adapt the SEO strategy for your site will always require monitoring and adaptation in a constantly evolving landscape.  Search engines are continually looking to understand the informational needs of users and return the most relevant results, and so should you.  A strategic, holistic, yet agile approach is needed.

Move It digital marketing agency can help your business grow with digital PR

Mobile SEO

Your audience is on the move and their needs are constantly changing.  They are always connected and behaviour on mobile is often different.  Get a strategy to be found on mobile by those who matter

Our content strategies can hit the right emotive triggers with your target audience

Local SEO

Get your business found locally.  This is a huge opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to beat huge online only retailers.  Our strategies will help you be found by those nearby for both local and generic search queries

Content planning

Digital Strategy

Making an impact online takes more than just tactics. A data-driven, intelligence led approach which considers all the influencing factors is what’s needed to really move the needle of success.

Our content strategies can hit the right emotive triggers with your target audience

Content Strategy

Be there when needed. Great content makes that happen, but you need to know your audience well, and their informational needs.  You can meet them via our data driven creative content strategies.  It’s not simply enough to create content online to reach a target audience.  It takes something exceptional to grab the attention of the people who matter.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Drive increased sales to your store and rank higher in search.  Online shopping platforms can be complex, with many different paths a search engine crawler could take.  Many ecommerce site owners find they run into problems with duplicate and near-duplicate content and they need help to get their site back on track.


“Bertey have delivered results on every occasion. I’m delighted to be able to recommend them as an SEO and digital marketing agency.”

Ross Edwards

Travelworld Motorhomes

“Dawn has always been very knowledgeable about SEO and best practices and works well with us to ensure our design/build processes are not compromised when trying to architect a site to work well with the search engines.”

Jill Quick

Quick Marketing

"We've collaborated with Bertey for many years with clients in competitive sectors.  They has always been very knowledgeable about SEO for processes when trying to architect a site to work well with search engines.

Richard Burkitt


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