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Improve your ROAS with paid search (PPC)

How can Bertey help with your paid search?

Build Your Optimal PPC Campaign

It takes years of experience to get the best from a paid search campaign.  The many opportunities now available via search engine advertising also bring complexity.  That’s where our industry experts come in

The paid search landscape presents countless opportunities to get your product or service in front of the right people at the right time, but it’s easy to miss out without a clear, data-driven solution and attentive management in place.  Relevant messaging leads your audience to make the decision to click and that leads to a better quality score, which can reduce your average CPA.  Our focused, carefully-tweaked campaigns can get your next customer when needed.

Getting the best ROI from PPC management takes real skill and experience.  With over a decade managing PPC campaigns for large ecommerce brands, startups and strong SMEs our paid search consultants are are experts in coming up with innovative winning strategies to improve your investment in biddable media.

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Maximum ROAS on Paid Spend

Our PPC team have the expertise to get maximum return on advertising (ROAS) spend for your paid search marketing budget. We’re always on top of the latest innovations and changes in the paid and biddable media landscape.  This is vital as search engines and paid advertising platforms are continually evolving and improving on the ways in which they determine which will be the right advertisements to display to their search engine users.

Cross Channel Harmony

We collaborate cross-channel too so that if that is what our client is looking for; so that we can take a joined-up data-driven approach to ensure maximum benefit across all online touch points with your prospective target audiences and customer personas.  For example, we will take the winning paid search creative ads and collaborate with SEO teams (if required) to ensure that they can then implement those wins to improve SEO organic search performance as well.


Existing Account Audits

The best wins are often already in your Google Adwords or Bing Ads accounts.  They just need reviewing and re-optimizing or restructuring to turn unprofitable spend into profitable spend.  Our team of paid search experts will review what’s already in place and where possible look to tweak and adjust using data and experience-driven insights to get your campaigns into profit.

Your Goals, Our Experience

We’ll look at campaigns which drive engagement, conversion, or brand awareness.  We will take the brief from you and always based upon your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).  Once we know what ‘success looks like’ we’ll get the bit between our teeth and drive hard to bring results back which look like that.  We’ll achieve your objectives and go beyond the expected to bring maximum return on advertising spend.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping presents a huge opportunity to take more SERPs real estate via Google Merchant Centre.  Again, this needs optimizing to make sure you get the best return on investment.  Feeds need optimizing and compliance is key to ensure you meet the necessary requirements to gain visibility.  Our team work to make the best of your ecommerce products so you are there when your customers are ready to buy through shopping channels

Competitive Gap Analysis

Unfortunately it’s not just you that has the opportunity to appear in Google paid search spaces.  Your competitors are actively optimizing their campaigns too so we need to stay ahead of the competition, understand their strategies and beat them via intelligent strategies.  Identify the gaps, and ensure the gaps are in your favour whilst remaining profitable and within allocated budget

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