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Location, Location, Location

If you’re a bricks and mortar business, a local store, or high street shop, you’ll want to get visible to local people when they’re searching online for businesses near them.  Local services have an advantage over big brands.  We’ll show you how to get found locally by people in your area.

Local businesses and services have an advantage now over the larger brands who only operate online.  Google have now provided a service called Google My Business, and you need to optimise this for your business now.  We’ll help you gain traction on searches which mention your area and your service.  Search engines, when a site or brand is optimised for location will also begin to associate your company as being geographically located in a certain area and able to provide services or products there.  This will help you to gain more visibility and also to rank in local listings.  Our team are experts at location based searching.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is a service offered by Google to help businesses with ‘bricks and mortar’ locations get found more easily online.  They’ve expanded the service so you can add useful information for people nearby who may be looking for a service or product you offer when they’re near you, or when they’re specifically looking for a company in a particular geographical area.  You’re now able to add all kinds of rich content and information for search engine users, such as opening times, ratings and reviews from customers and photos of your business premises (both inside and out).  If you’re not sure you have the time, nor inclination to maintain your Google My Business listing we can help.  Our team of experts can work with your organisation to understand your offerings and optimise your listing ongoing for maximum visibility for people near you.

Localise Your Site

We’ll help you to optimise your current website so search engines know you’re tied to a particular location outside of Google My Business.  We’re experts in helping businesses to rank locally and can work with you to make you the go to place for searchers seeking businesses nearby or when searching for a ‘location + service’ in Google or the other search engines.  We’ll optimise your NAPS (name, address, telephone number) and ensure consistency of signalling throughout your site.

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Geographical Citations

There are many opportunities across the web for search engines to find references to your business location.  These include very focused local listing sites and mentions on other websites which refer to your brand.  These are often referred to as ‘citations’.  Working with our team we will help you to build up your citations to strengthen the link between your business and the region, town and postcode area you serve.

Local SEO For Bricks & Mortar

Local SEO isn’t the same as any other type of search engine optimization?  This type of SEO ensures your website or webpage is specifically focused on marketing and ranking in search engine results pages for people searching for either businesses connected with a geographically defined location or whilst searching in a geographically located ‘place’ (location).  One of the biggest weapons ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses have over large brands is that of ‘local SEO’.  The huge increase in use of mobile search and ‘on the go’ queries in search engines has contributed.  56% of on-the-go queries have local intent.  People are out and about and the first place they’ll turn to to find a service is their mobile phone.  Search engines know this via geo-location data.  They’re keen to ensure local businesses nearby ‘on the go’ mobile searchers are presented in search results.   Businesses with NAPs (name, address, phone numbers) connected to a specific area are more likely to appear.  Our holistic approach associates your brand with a location, emphasising your business  as an ‘entity’ (a thing) in ‘a place’.  Google My Business gives control to local businesses looking to get found online with real opportunities to make best use of traffic from visitors nearby.  Managing local search for businesses with multiple locations such as stores or branches in different cities or towns can become quite cumbersome.  We take a fine-tune approach to multi-location management for brands and franchises to ensure levels high relevance for each location.

More Reasons To Let Us Help You Be Found Locally

We're Experts on Local Search

We’ve been operating in the SEO industry for over a decade.  We’ve tracked the changes in the way search engines give priority to local businesses, but only if they recognise you’re local.  We’ll pass this knowledge on to you.

Transparent and Ethical

Our team of experts work only to ethical guidelines and we’re transparent in our services for customers.  We’ll keep you informed at all stages with regular reporting and progress.

A dedicated expert on local

We’ll assign a dedicated expert to your campaign who you can work closely with throughout.  We work as an extension of our client’s team.