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Gain Maximum Visibility In Organic Search Results

The ways in which you need to optimise your website to influence rankings for your site will always require monitoring and adaptation in a constantly evolving landscape where search engines are continually looking to understand the informational needs of users and return the most relevant results

The continual updates to the ways in which search engines rank results can be quite confusing and difficult to keep abreast with.  Over a decade of helping people to rank highly through technical SEO, on page search engine optimization and amplified digital means we’re perfectly placed to guide you through the quagmire so you stay one step ahead of the competition.  It takes real experts to maintain top spots in search and we are experts with vast experience in helping well-known brands and strong start-ups to rank highly in competitive niches.

As sites grow, in the ‘content is king’ culture, it’s easy for an architecture to become unwieldy and either difficult to get through by search engine crawlers or confusing for them in terms of site and site section themes. By optimising the experience for search engine spiders and ‘herding’ Googlebot around a site via technical SEO tactics, we’ve seen significant benefits for clients.

Ecommerce SEO

Online shopping platforms can be complex, with many different paths a search engine crawler could take.  Many ecommerce site owners find they run into problems with duplicate and near-duplicate content and they need help to get their site back on track.

Our team are experts in optimising websites for search engines to easily crawl and understand so you don’t have to worry about whether your rankings and traffic from search engines will continue to suffer.  We’ll get you back on track whether you’re using Presta Shop, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, or another online store to grow your business.

Canonical Issues

Canonical issues are often rampant with ecommerce platforms and need fixing.  We’re experts in implementation of canonical tags to ensure your ecommerce categories and product pages have the best chance of ranking in search.  We’ve worked on all types of ecommerce and shopping platforms and can help you gain maximum visibility and sales.

Google Shopping

Optimizing your Google Merchant Centre shopping feed is vital to get the visibility you need.  We’ll work with our paid search team to ensure your product pages are optimized well for integration with your shopping feed and to increase the real estate you achieve.

Product and Category Optimization

Ensuring your products and categories are aligned with what search engines are looking for (and your users too) is key to obtaining high rankings in ecommerce SEO.  Our team will work with you to integrate rich media, images, video and reviews to help your products rise to the top of search engines.  We’ll utilise powerful interlinking to pass maximum relevance throughout the site and to your products and shopping categories.

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SEO is Changing

The search landscape is always changing. In particular, the past few years have been a real roller-coaster if you’ve been growing your business using SEO (search engine optimization) as a primary online growth strategy.  Google Penguin in May 2013 saw to that. The rolling Panda algorithm put paid to the lowest quality content on the web, and continues to do so, and effectively rocked large, database driven sites, and sites with low quality ‘spun’ content to the core. Website directories plummeted in rankings, with some going into virtual obscurity. Manual penalties were awarded en-masse to thousands. Google Hummingbird quietly rolled out as a whole new algorithm. Google continue to combat web spam and low quality content with new algorithmic changes.  Google Pigeon was introduced to deal with local SEO rankings.  These continuous changes can be quite confusing and difficult to keep up with if you’re running an online business.

Search Engine Algorithm Watching

We spend a lot of our time monitoring the algorithmic changes in Google and the other two main search engines, Yahoo and Bing. We then test optimization techniques against the changes taking place on our own suite of testing sites so that we can bring those learnings back to clients’ projects.  We’re incredibly active in the SEO community; not only in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area, but nationally (we’re very engaged with SEOs from all over the UK), and internationally (we’ve travelled to the US, Australia and Europe to share our knowledge, speaking at International SEO conferences).  There isn’t much that gets past us when it comes to the latest updates in organic search.

Extensive Research

Keeping up to date with the changes in organic search has never been more important, post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Phanton and Fred. Those that do not adapt will surely fail in their online website marketing attempts. With over 200 ranking signals taken into consideration in the Google algorithm alone and with a minimum of 2 changes per day in search results, it is now key to ensure we are continually learning and researching for clients. In this way, our knowledge is current and highly relevant and qualifies us to pull together successful winning strategies. We spend a lot of our time researching, via search engine marketing blogs, podcasts, webinars, social media, online courses and qualifications, seminars, conference attendance, studying Google research patents and academic research papers by web search and data mining authorities. In fact, any way that we can gather more learnings to bring to projects.

Actively Sharing With SEO Communities

We are active in the SEO community. We attend and speak at many conferences and seminars on the subject of SEO and the paid and natural search market locally, nationally and internationally. We bring these learnings back to our clients projects and our own testing projects too. Our CEO and founder, Dawn Anderson speaks regularly at renowned and leading search industry conferences such as Mozcon, Brighton SEO, Pubcon (Las Vegas), Big Digital Adelaide (Australia), SMX on the subject of technical SEO, the future of search, Google research, semantics, information retrieval, challenges for SEO consultants and agencies, and search engine spider crawlability issues.

Technical Audits By Technical SEO Experts

A technical audit goes far beyond simply optimizing a few title tags here and there.  There can be many reasons technically why a website is being held back in search.  We carry out forensic level audits covering over 100 checkpoints to find areas where you can improve almost immediately.  Our technical experts are able to have intelligent conversations with your developers to instruct clearly on changes which need to be made.  Clearing roadblocks which prevent search engines from crawling, understanding, indexing and returning your site in response to search engine queries in search results can have a dramatic impact.  Looking through ‘spider eyes’ allows us to see your site as a search engine would and is a fundamental building block upon which we formulate our strategies for your SEO success.  We have many years of experience in working on database driven, large scale websites. We know the issues which can come along with eCommerce site structures, faceted navigations, URL parameters and inifinite loops. We understand best practice when it comes to canonicalisation, href lang and internationalisation challenges and internal architecture optimization.

Information Architecture Reviews

The way your site is built in the first place makes a huge difference to the semantic meanings search engines pick up whilst traversing the sections, navigation and pages.  They are mining text after all.  Text doesn’t just come from the content on the single web page, but in every URL, every site section and every navigational element.  Your site has a whole topical ‘theme’ which is understood by search engines mining for semantic relevance via linguistics.  Ensuring the information architecture strongly and clearly reflects your primary value propositions, product or service offerings and key messaging throughout is vital.  Reviewing your architecture for topical dilution can make a huge difference to where you’ll rank naturally without a single external link.

The Right Tools For The Job

We invest heavily in enterprise level SEO tools to ensure we can bring all the data to the table that is required. These range from link research tools, search visibility tools, keyword analysis, ranking trackers, social media marketing tools, reporting suites. Not only do these enable us to have everything we need to plan and roll out an effective and adaptive natural search marketing campaign for clients, but they also allow us to increase efficiency, meaning that we can get the maximum ROI and overall results on projects.

On Page Optimization

Getting the basics right has always been our key focus before we begin to outreach and gain inbound links on client projects. Without the fundamental elements in place on site, both architecturally and on an individual page, it’s unlikely a page will ever rank well. Your page needs to sound from a relevance perspective first. Links and outreach alone can only provide a ‘sticking plaster’ effect which is undoubtedly a short term strategy at best. Our team specialise in optimisation of on page factors to ensure that client projects stand the maximum chance of ranking well without a single link added.  We don’t over-optimise, just ensure that every page is highly relevant for a set number of desirable terms.

Penalty Removal & Trust Rebuilding

Often organisations come to us via recommendation that are struggling initially because of manual penalties for legacy link building activity or spam which has been carried out historically by SEO agencies. We successfully get website’s manual penalties revoked / lifted by the Google web spam team. We’ve a lot of experience in this area. Some penalties had been lodged against the sites for well over a year (in one case almost 2 years and the website owner was at his wits end, believing that the penalty would never be lifted). Some of the sites had been with several SEO agencies, whose teams had been unsuccessful in getting the penalties lifted. Indeed, some of them may have even made matters worse. Some of the sites we have helped have had over 1 million links which needed to be analysed and assessed for toxicity or suspicion. We are now good at cleaning up links (and retaining good links during the process).

Crawlability Optimization - Crawl Rank and Crawl Rate Matters

Google’s Matt Cutts spoke of the ‘exponentially multiplicative’ impact of parameter driven URLs in ecommerce sites via faceted navigations as far back as 2010, but this still presents a problem for many running online shopping stores.  Many paths to the same content for search engine crawlers can really have a negative impact on your rankings as dilution occurs via duplication.  Understanding the crawl rate to key pages important to your brand on site can make all the difference.  Optimizing and strengthening the signals within a site to target pages via crawl optimization is where we are total experts.  We’ve shared our knowledge on this subject with the search community as far afield as Australia and the United States.  A poor crawl can be a sign of a low quality site (although it’s not the only reason).  Improving the importance of your money pages via crawl optimization directly impacts rankings.  If we could choose one area where we excel above most agencies, it is here.

Mobile First Front and Centre

With more searches now carried out on mobile devices than desktop and Google’s advantage for mobile-friendly sites it’s no surprise our first priority is to ensure clients are mobile user first, front and centre to all campaigns.  But ticking the mobile-friendly test box isn’t enough.  User search differently on mobile and context is king even more than on desktop.  We study what ranks on mobile devices for search queries and identify areas where your site can win over competitiors.

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