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Smart Mobile Search Optimisation

The number of searches in Google from mobile devices has overtaken desktop searches.  We are now in an age of the Global Mobile Majority, according to Google.  You need to be optimised for mobile first.  Being mobile-friendly is a confirmed Google ranking factor and the mobile-first index is on its way.  This means Google will rank your website based on its mobile version.  You need to be ready.  That’s where we can help.

Our team are mobile SEO experts in optimising websites for smaller devices and screens.  People use mobile differently and we are constantly monitoring how behaviour is changing.  We’ll guide you through all the steps needed to ensure your site ticks the mobile-first boxes but also converts traffic too.  UX plays a huge part in this process.  We understand it’s not just search engines you need to please, but your visitors too.  This is a core part of the services we provide.

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Be One Step Ahead on Mobile

If your site is already ticking the mobile-friendly box, you’re already one step ahead of many, and there’s a confirmed ranking boost by Google for those sites who are versus those still not optimised for ‘on the go’ visitors using smaller screens.  But, being mobile-friendly isn’t necessarily a great experience for visitors.  We work to ensure both search engines and your users are happy with your site when using smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets.

Mobile SEO Audits

You’ll be surprised by the revelations discovered when you undertake a mobile audit on your site.  It may not be as friendly to search engines and visitors when arriving from smaller devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.  We’ll professionally audit your site to see where there are potential wins and keep guiding you as the mobile revolution continues.

Reach your customers wherever they are

User behaviour has changed.  Your prospects and customers rarely leave home without a mobile phone.  This provides huge opportunity to reach them wherever they are.  Whether they’re researching on their device ahead of a future purchase or looking to buy right now, you need to ensure your site is ready and a great experience for them whatever screen size they’re using.  Search engines will reward positive experiences on mobile devices from search engine referrals.  We’ll help you win across all platforms.

App Optimization

Is your mobile app underperforming and you don’t know how to change that?  Our expert app optimisation specialists will investigate, benchmark and guide you through the process of optimising for app stores and search engine app indexation.  We’ll help you get more traffic to your app.

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Gain Visibility Across All Platforms

Optimise your site across all platforms and devices (including smaller screens and tablets)

Grow Traffic From Mobile

Our experts will help you grow your traffic from people using mobile devices so you’re ahead of the pack.

Be ready for mobile first

You’ll be ready for the mobile-first indexing of sites in Google search results.  You’ll be one step ahead of the pack.  We’ll advise even if your site is already responsive.