Bertey Brand Story

An agency that's more like a consultancy
Your digital partners – big enough to know, but small enough to care

Why Choose Bertey?

Bertey’s audience-centric, data-driven and results-oriented approaches has proven a huge success on the projects we’ve helped with – evident in the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with brands and high client retention rates.  We help brands achieve the success they need to grow their business via continued refinement (because everything digital changes constantly), collaboration, feedback, adjustment, measurement, and innovative strategic recommendations for increased revenues

Who Bertey is

Bertey’s a boutique digital marketing agency providing a range of intelligent data and creativity driven search marketing strategies. She’s also a pomeranian pooch owned by our founder, Dawn Anderson. So, yes, Bertey is a real dog… and a real digital agency (Bertey Ltd).  Bertey’s small enough to provide a dedicated, granular level of service, but big enough to keep abreast of cutting edge industry search strategies.  Bertey knows that no one channel can win alone without the amplification effects from others.  Bertey plays nicely and works cross-channel to combine an ‘all-around’ integrated effect via joined-up reach and engagement across paid search, SEO, social media, content, outreach, digital PR and traditional PR.

Bertey can be part of your brand's in-house team

If you don’t have the necessary in-house resource Bertey can provide a full digital marketing and search engine optimization fulfilment service in addition to strategic direction, audits and recommendations.  Bertey works closely with many brand in-house teams who just want either additional support, expert guidance for more junior members or all-round marketers looking for specialist expertise in particular areas.  Maybe you just need an audit for your website, or you are looking for site migration advice?  Bertey can help.  Maybe you’re a start-up looking for a situation analysis of the competitive landscape and want a strategy with tactics formulating.  Bertey can do all of these things, and more.

Bertey comes recommended

Working by recommendation alone we’ve built long-lasting relationships with brands, other contractors, in-house teams, our suppliers, our peers and staff.  We have a long retention history with clients, and an ongoing relationship with them traversing many changes in the digital marketing and SEO landscape in a relatively short space of time.  Clients have continued to see growth through those updates and that’s what matters most.  We adjust as search and online user behaviours change; and they’re always changing.  Because we’ve built many connections we can provide virtually all online marketing services (and some offline marketing ones too – such as traditional PR or print advertising).  You can see many of the reviews and feedback from clients and other members of the digital marketing community on our website and also on our Google My Business page.  We’re well respected by our peers for our contributions to the digital marketing industry.

Bertey traverses the globe from her Manchester base

Whilst Bertey is based up North, in Manchester, UK you’ll be surprised to hear that many clients are based in London or internationally, albeit Bertey do work with some companies and brands in the Manchester area. The nature of the work that Bertey does means that we’re able to work effortlessly with any organisation, regardless of their location via conference call, skype and email of course.  Distance and location is no barrier to us and much of the Bertey team works remotely due to the nature of our consultative work.  Sometimes we are based on site at client premises, and other times we are travelling to speak at conferences or delivering training somewhere.  This means we work whilst we’re on the go.

Collaboration is king

Collaboration and agility are of the utmost importance to us, and we’re always looking at ways in which we can be effective and efficient with our systems and by working alongside clients’ systems. We work with you for the long term.  We can work as an extension of your marketing operation, continually pursuing an integrated digital marketing approach, or provide a strategy for your team to work with.  Our specialists who are experts in their particular channel (each with at least a decade’s worth of experience in the area of paid search, SEO, content marketing or PR, all collaborate with each other too.  We do this so we can deliver campaigns and results which are bigger than the sum of the parts.  Your audience don’t sit in one channel so we work where they are.

Bertey is growing

Established in 2012 (and then named Move It Marketing Ltd) by technical and International SEO and digital marketing consultant and search marketing university lecturer Dawn Anderson, Bertey has gone from strength to strength,  Dawn has been working online in digital since 2005.  Dawn has been an entrepreneur since she was in her 20s.  Over the years since 2012 we’ve been recommended by others and our Bertey’s client base has grown.  Regardless of the size, of your organisation, you can always be sure Bertey will treat every single client with the dedication and care they deserve, and need to grow their presence online.

Highly experienced

Our highly experienced technical SEO experts work side by side with digital PR and content marketing to ensure targeted, balanced and continually effective ongoing organic search results are achieved. Given the local, mobile, social, commerce approach search engines are now taking to ensuring users find what they want, when they want, where they want, on appropriate devices, we can also help with targeting for bricks and mortar businesses with local SEO services.

Qualified marketers

We’re not just qualified as marketers; we lecture and train other marketers too; in Universities, educational institutions, at meet-ups and conferences.  In fact, we’ve spoken on SEO and digital strategy at some of the World’s leading online marketing conferences, including PubCon, State of Search, SMX and MozCon.  We’ve delivered conference talks as far away as Australia and very regularly in the UK, in London and Manchester,  We’ve worked on campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world and with ambitious start-ups, looking to make waves in their niche too.

Hand picked specialists

We don’t restrict ourselves to having to work with the pickings from the limited local Manchester pool of talent, but a global pool of real digital specialists.  Quality matters over location.  We work with a range of highly skilled and experienced specialists with a mix of graphic designers, technical SEO, paid search technical SEO, copywriting and content production staff, web developers and programmers and outreach / PR specialists.  Each carefully selected to work on projects that we know they’ll do a great job on.  Many of our team have worked as senior team members within the digital industry.  Our principle consultants have a minimum of a decade’s worth of experience in their specialist area.

Brands we’ve helped