SEO Audits

Improvement comes from analysis & auditing

How Bertey can help with website & SEO audits

No stone left unturned

Our SEO audits involve a huge number of checks to help you identify the problems your site has which may be preventing search engines crawling, indexing and ranking your website.  We’ll leave no stone unturned and carry out a 360 degree analysis.

Why does that matter?

Everything matters when it comes to the very granular nature in which search engines iteratively discover, crawl and index webpages.  How everything within your site is connected adds to the overall ‘good health’ and site quality.  Implementing positive change can have a very dramatic efffect on your future growth.  We’ll dig in and explore problem areas using our advanced SEO tools and over a decade of experience in the technical aspects of search engine optimisation.

What will be the output

Once we’ve carried out all our checks we’ll provide an actionable list of recommendations you can start to implement with your developers or in-house marketing team.  We can also help to implement those changes too if that is a preferred option.  Either way, we’ll be there on hand to guide you through what’s needed to stay in line with current Webmaster Guidelines and open up bottlenecks which may be preventing your site to progress.

We’ll dig Into every corner of your website

Even small factors have a profound effect on how well a website performs in search engine results pages.

It takes a granular approach and good tools to carry out a professional audit.  It also takes a lot of experience to be able to provide intelligent, actionable insight.  We’ve seen most things when it comes to auditing sites.  You’d be surprised but very little surprises us now.  After a decade of analysing website server logs, checking server response codes, optimising crawl paths, checking page titles and meta descriptions, understanding page speed and interpreting how well a search engine spider crawls your site, there isn’t much we haven’t seen before.  We’ll analyse your website code, check the response headers you send to search engines, review your content, benchmark and analyse your competitors to carry out gap analysis.  Check off-site signals to your site as well as on-page elements.  At the end of the analysis we’ll provide a list of steps to take to help you back to having a well search engine optimised site.

What's involved in an audit?

The first stage is for us to gather both on-site and off-site data so we can get a feel for how well your site is currently performing.  This helps us to be able to provide the most informed recommendations possible.

Identifying the issues with your website

Once we’ve gathered all the data together from a number of sources and by using our tools, we’ll pull everything into one place so we can get a more holistic view of the whole situation and what factors may be impacting your site negatively.  We’ll also likely find some things you are doing right, and we will highlight this too.

Analysis and insight

Once we’ve carried out our analysis of your data we’ll then begin to provide the insights needed to get you back on the road to SEO health.  We’ll produce a detailed audit which will be prioritized so you know what parts of it will be likely to have the most impact.  We understand you might not be able to implement all of the recommendations at once, so we’ll bear this in mind when making suggestions and advice on priorities.

Implementing website SEO audits recommendations

We’ll be on hand to help you and your developers implement the recommendations from the audit.  They’ll likely have questions and need clarification and you might not always be able to explain it as well as we can.  We’ll be there to expand upon our findings should your team have a need for more information to enable them to move ahead.

More reasons to choose Bertey

We're Complete Experts

We’ve been doing this a long time.  We’ve seen a lot of changes in the search landscape.  We bring these experiences and knowledge to your project to help you get the best results possible from your audit.

We're Ethical

SEO has had a bad rap over the years.  Unsurprisingly so.  A lot of companies have operated using shady tactics designed to trick and manipulate search engines.  We operate to high ethical standards and only provide recommendations in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines.  You’re safe with us.  We’re transparent in our dealings with clients.

We take a holistic approach

We know the secret to a good audit is being able to provide a wide yet narrowing view of the whole situation and all of the factors involved with and around your site.  We bring several years as cross-channel digital marketing strategists as well as SEOs to the table so you can be sure you’re future-proofing your site with the suggestions we make.  They’ll be based on many, many factors both from inside your industry and ours.