Last Updated on 25th February 2024

Micro Content – Content Marketing Strategy

If you keep in touch with the latest content marketing trends you will probably have come across the term micro-content on a number of occasions. Just in case you are new to the concept, micro-content normally refers to snippets or smaller chunks of content, ideal for sharing on social media.

As the way people use the internet changes, creating quality content isn’t enough any more. There is a lot of competition out there and no matter how valuable your content is, it doesn’t help anyone if nobody gets to see it.

Micro-content gives you the chance to add a new edge to your marketing efforts, using punchy content that people want to share on social media – and ultimately drive more traffic to your website; the main hub of your online strategy.

Micro-content makes your content more digestible

People get bored very quickly these days and the attention span of your typical content consumer is painfully short. Which means repeating the same old content format can lead to a dead end as soon as it becomes predictable or repetitive.

Micro-content is there to break up the norm and give your content strategy a new lease of life. Instead of the same old blog posts and social updates, you can use micro-content to tease your audience to your website with irresistible snippets of content.

In the same way a book cover or film trailer works, you need to show just enough to peak your target audience‘s interest, while leaving enough unanswered questions that they can’t resist clicking through to your website and reading the full post.

Use micro-content to mix up your strategy

It makes sense to tie in your micro-content with your blog and larger content platforms, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the same format. Social media is becoming increasingly visual and the more you can integrate images, videos, infographics and any other types of content the better.

Get creative with visuals and come up with simple images, illustrations or video concepts that not only help increase your brand awareness on social, but encourage viewers to visit your website to see the full story.

As the web becomes more visual, people are less prepared to spend time reading – which means you have to work harder when it comes to installing that desire. Once upon a time this used to be the job of a finely crafted headline – which was enough to grab your reader. Sadly, that’s not the case any more and you need a compelling headline just to get people watching a six second video on Vine.

Bridging the gap between you and your audience

Think of micro-content as a stepping stone between you and your target audience. As people become busier and less patient with media and the internet, the less time people have for long-form content and blog posts.

That said, people are more than willing to read if you can convince them it is worth their while, or inject enough curiosity to keep them scrolling down the page. Get micro-content right and you can bridge the gap between your audience and time-consuming content by quickly engaging enough interest to drive readers to your site and starting the conversion process.

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