Last Updated on 25th February 2024

Is Your Industry Boring? How to Develop Engaging Content

Time For New ContentIt must be disheartening for marketers of dull industries to be told they should be publishing blog content. What can you write about floor tiles that is going to pique interest?

But even writers of products and service industries that are considered boring can still find angles to create engaging content. However, it does take creativity and adept writing skills, but just to throw some ideas at you, here we go!

Tell Real-life Stories:

Story-telling has been an art for centuries and will never grow old and tired, especially when based on real-life events. Your stories still need to relate in some way to your brand and product, but you can use artistic licence to spice them up a little.

Let’s say you work in a despatch warehouse. How many stories can you tell about things that happened in a day? I am sure you can spill one tale or two a week.

Tell readers what has happened in your workplace, bring the environment and characters to life and readers will want to stay tuned. Your customers will feel like they know you even though you have never spoken to them.

If you have a good sense of humour and can bring that out in your writing developing real-life stories are exceptionally engaging. But don’t be scared to stretch the truth a little – writers call it faction.

Use Attractive Images:

If you do not have a great deal to write about, look at other ways of creating content. You know what they say about images speaking a thousand words – then you don’t need words.

However, a funny caption does make your images more engaging and more likely to be shared in social networks, so keep your eye out for amusing or thought-provoking quotes you can use for inspiration.

Be careful about simply adding lots of stock images though.  There are plenty of creative commons and free image websites which you can find a whole stash of images to spice up your stories with.  In addition there are many apps and filters you can use to create something even more interesting when adding images to your content.

Give Practical Advice that Helps Users:

How to articles are very popular with readers and if you work in an industry that requires giving practical advice, you are best placed to include how to articles in your content.

One of the reasons for keeping a blog and spraying your content over social media networks is to position yourself as an expert in your field. Use your blog to enhance your reputation as a specialist.

Address Customer Issues:

Consumers often purchase products or services to resolve a problem they have. There are content ideas in these. If one customer has a specific issue, it is likely that others have as well.

Get active on social networks and speak with customers coming into your physical store. Whilst you are giving advice, they are telling you a story. Content gifted on a plate. Do not use their name without permission, but there is no harm using their personal account for content purposes, or to inspire content.

Essentially there are no boring industries. If you have customers, they have an interest in your products or services, and your content helps them make decisions and get to know your brand.

Build a glossary or knowledge base:

A lot of ‘dry’ industries will no-doubt have a wealth of terminology and jargon which users search for meanings of online.  Meet audience needs by crafting a well structured, informative, comprehensive and well-connected glossary or jargon buster.  These can be particularly useful in tech content which tends to have a large amount of informational intent.  Not only will your users be happy, but you’ll drive more traffic (even though this may be top of funnel initially), and you’ll be meeting one of the many ‘moments that matter’ in Google’s eyes.