Last Updated on 25th February 2024

Time For New ContentFor webmasters and SEO agencies, there is a lot of focus on providing unique content that offers readers value. But what does value actually mean?

Google stress that content offering unique and fresh ideas that give “value” to readers will rank better. However, to come up with unique and fresh ideas every time you publish a piece of content is impossible.

But you can always offer readers something of value!

Unique content v Unique value

Unique content simply means the content is fresh and has never been published before. When search engine crawlers visit your site to semantically discover content, they want to find words and sentences that have not been written before.

Essentially, this is Google’s way of cancelling out duplicate content so that webmasters cannot copy paste somebody else’s work. Unique content does not necessarily mean new ideas.

Unique value is providing readers with new ideas or opinions, or publishing different types of content that make visitors think or see things from a different perspective.

From Google’s POV, content should be informative and relevant to the search query. Search engines and readers are not interested in broad articles on a specific topic, they want accurate information that is easy to find.

The emphasis of search engines is to provide a service that offers great user-experience. And that is where unique value has a major role to play.

What is unique value?

Offering unique information that is not readily available anywhere else is not always possible. But when it is, blog owners should look to jump on it. Keep up-to-date with industry news and publish the item on your blog.

You can then use this news item to create other blog posts and offer your expert opinion and advice to customers. All this is effectively unique content – especially if you are the first to publish.

Webmasters have to steer away from regurgitating the same information, but when you have nothing else to say other than what has already been said, unique value is presenting the same information in a different way.

For example, you may work in an industry that has elements which are difficult to grasp. Can you explain complicated information in a way that is understandable to layman? If so, this is considered content with value.

Ideas for unique value content

You can generate a reasonable amount of content by running a poll or survey and inviting your customers to participate. Begin with a questionnaire as one item of unique content and offer a small reward to anybody that fills it out – thus something of value.

With the questionnaire responses, you can create another piece of unique content by publishing the results. Providing your message offers something useful to readers, you have yourself content with unique value.

Entertaining pieces are also considered content of value – because they are enjoyable. This is more of an emotional response and can be achieved in various ways.

Humourous stories are always a winner, but again difficult to consistently deliver. Therefore you need to develop a voice and style that is different from others and is enjoyable to read.

You may even want to consider creating a character and talk about his/her adventures. You could even create a cartoon or animated video representation of the character to add visual and motion pictures to your blog.

Creating unique content is not as difficult as it first appears, and if you think of it in terms of offering unique value, the veil lifts and the ideas begin to flow.

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