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How Bertey can help with social media marketing 

Build an engaged audience

Being disruptive in a crowded social landscape and cutting through the noise is increasingly difficult as more brands promote their offerings to prospects.   Crafting the right targeted and welcomed message at the right time can make all the difference.  Entering into dialogue with your target community has never been more important. Evidence constantly mounts that the ‘always connected’ digital age requires organisations to aim to be ‘front of mind’ to connect with prospects and existing customers at all possible points online. This includes social media.

Understanding where you prospects live online and formulating a strategy to engage them positively can be challenging.  You need to go beyond the silo’ed approach which presumes your audience lives in search results.  They don’t.  They’re on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, living their lives and having conversations.  You need to disrupt those conversations, but it’s not always a welcomed disruption.  That’s why timing is everything.  If you spend your time trying to sell to them and don’t build a community you’ll often find your brand experiences an adverse effect.  You need to know who you’re dealing with, identify the influencers and get them on-side.  You need to formulate a strategy which encompasses the key elements of ‘inform’, ‘educate’, ‘entertain’ and ‘engage’.  You need to build personas and understand what makes your ‘tribe’ tick.  A fully informed and data driven cross-channel social media strategy is the only way.

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Social Media In An 'Always Connected' Digital Age

Evidence constantly mounts that the ‘always connected’ digital age requires organisations to aim to be ‘front of mind’ to connect with prospects and existing customers at all possible points online. This includes social media.

Our Approach To Social Media Marketing

Our approach to social media is one which is firmly in the camp of ‘integration with SEO’. We take a view that SEO and social media should sit seamlessly together, providing for additional synergy and amplification for all our clients’ online marketing, and, of course, maximum results.

Social Listening

When planning for success with social media, a key criteria in preparation is to ‘listen to the audience’ to ensure that we have a full understanding of the events, topics, issues and conversation that matters to your target audience. We utilise a range of tools and strategies to gain deeper insight into ‘pains’ and ‘priorities of our clients customers so that we can help them provide solutions to meet those needs and in return win ongoing business.


Successful social media strategies connect with the right target audience. To achieve this our team create engaging content and updates for clients. We don’t simply set up Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for clients and then post the odd comment or two. In a competitive market it’s key to create a dialogue with a client’s community in order to reach out on behalf of the brand.

Data Makes The Difference

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly gathering audience data.  As platform users sharing information with these applications provides a more relevance social experience.  We’re able to tap into a lot of the data which is captured by the likes of Facebook and Twitter to understand your audience in a much more granular way than is provided by search engines such as Google and Bing.  We’ll analyse the types of posts and tweets your audience engages with and formulate a powerful strategy to get them engaged with your brand.  Through constant tweaking and testing and a data-driven approach we’ll quickly learn your audience behaviour inside out so we can be there when they next need you.

Awareness Interest Desire Action Social

The messages and interactions which take place via social channels will be very different dependent upon who your audience are and where in the customer journey your users are.  Exploring the right messaging at the right time is key and platform dependent too.   Again, data is key, along with competitive gap analysis and benchmarking as it’s not only you trying to reach yoiur target segments and personas.  We’ll aim to keep you one step ahead of the competition in social media spaces using a holistic joined-up approach.