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We can help you increase your online visibility by working with you to build strong relationships with key niche influencers

Public relations has been the staple of the advertising industry since forever and it really is all about forging relationships with key influencers in your target audience segments.   We’ll define a strategy to reach, connect and engage with the right people in your niche and produce a content strategy which they’ll want to be a part of and relish in promoting.  We’ll also help you to connect with and contribute to your community online for amplified reach, brand visibility and increased online traffic.

We can help you increase your online visibility by working with you to build strong relationships with key niche influencers.  We are experts in digital PR.  We’ll help you build site referrals and get your name out there to grow your brand across online assets.  Along the way we’ll be looking to get your brand product or service offering some major coverage and attract natural links from the linkerati who matter and make the difference to moving the needle.

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The Shift To Online News Consumption

News consumption continues to shift to online channels.  Local newspapers are cutting print production with a view to moving their operations to primarily digital offerings.  Social media has overtaken the TV as the source of news for young people with a recent Reuters report suggesting 51% of people with online access use social media as a news source. (Source: The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism research).  This move away from traditional channels presents opportunity for brands who embrace and maximise upon the digital PR proposition.  Evolve or die really is key.

Traditional PR Disrupted

Good digital PR utilises the skills of traditional PR specialists but with the measurable wealth of analytical and transparent data available via online channels which is much more readily available when compared with viewing figures or ‘best guess’ TV, print and radio figures.  The fluid nature of digital means it’s also much easier to test and scale to eliminate and escalate losing and winning strategies.

Holistic Approach to Digital PR Brings Search Visibility

One of the most powerful by-products of good digital PR is its impact on search engine visibility when carried out in an ethical and optimised manner.

There are many missed opportunities if traditional PR does not embrace the reality that links still matter for increased rankings and overall reach for websites in search engine results pages.  Our digital PR specialists are well versed in both content creation strategies and SEO.  They work as a team to maximise every opportunity which is discovered or sought to ensure our clients get all of the impact available for each and every mention or relationship developed with key influencers.

Brand Awareness

Reaching out to key influencers in your audience and niche of choice can make a huge difference to perception of your brand and can bring initial awareness you’d otherwise never have enjoyed.  Your investment in digital PR is the first step in growing your brand online.  We’ll be using a range of techniques to build mentions of your company which in turn will build reach at the top of the customer journey funnel.  For those in the audience already aware of you, we’ll keep you front of mind by building positive buzz so you’re they’ll remember you when they next need you and grow into advocates over time.

Creativity Is Key To Successful Campaigns

It takes something exceptional to make your brand stand out and everything needs to be aligned with the perception you want to craft for your brand.   Your campaigns need to trigger emotions to get a real reaction.  That takes creative ideation and this is the backbone to getting one step ahead of the competition.  Timely and emotive so it’s not just you talking about your brand amongst the digital masses.  Our content team will take your brief and create something truly unique, whether visually via images and text, or via video.  We’ll amplify via social media to get maximum impact.

Jump On Your Industry's News

There’ll be plenty of stories and news already happening in your industry.  You just need to be there, listening, adding your opinion, your take on today’s news and establishing your brand as an authority in the vertical.   We help you to become the go to place for opinion on the latest developments via news-jacking in your space amongst influencers, journalists and PR professionals.

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