Last Updated on 25th April 2023

Online marketing map and termsBefore you can expect your online business to succeed, you need a blend of the right ingredients. For the purpose of this article, we will assume you have laid your SEO foundations and the information architecture of your website provides a good user-experience.

It can be the case, that online businesses with solid SEO and reasonable ranking factors are still failing to convert. And the reason for that is probably because you are missing the key ingredients of online marketing. It’s all mod cons (modern gadgets) you know!

Sales copy people believe in

The amount of content today’s consumers are exposed to is immense. Actually it’s far too much and we have grown resistant to advertising slogans and in-your-face sales copy. A different approach is required.

People in the digital age want relevant information and quick choices to make their best decisions. They also have little time for trivialities and are not interested in reading through a long sales pitch – no matter how engaging.

However, they do want questions answered. You therefore have to find a balance in your copy that explains everything prospects need to know in the least amount of words. Oh, and make your copy warm and understandable rather than using unnecessary business phrases and words.

Establish credibility on Social Media

Trust and authority is an essential SEO philosophy (E-A-T). These are attributes consumers want and that search engines demand. Without trust and authority, you will not rank in search engines or convert sales.

You therefore need to be active on social media networks and relevant internet forums in order to increase your online creditability. By engaging with other users in your network you can answer questions and offer advice that positions you as an expert in your field.

Piggyback industry leaders

Sometimes you need a leg up or a guide to point you in the right direction. Finding the correct path for your online pursuits can be something of a minefield. Most people fail before they succeed, even the best thinkers.

Don’t be afraid to look towards other professionals in your industry for inspiration. You may even find opportunities to collaborate with fringe companies that share some cross-over with your line of work.

You don’t have to handle online marketing alone. Collaboration is actually a growing trend so look for partners you can piggyback and raise your brand awareness through a broader range and variety of marketing channels.

Be selective who you work with

This rule does not apply to every business, but it does have far more reach than you would expect. For creatives and service providers that rely on building a profile to attract new customers, work on projects that will help you.

For example, if you have particular interests and specialist knowledge, stick to clients that share the same interests. Projects that do not support your ultimate goals can be a waste of time and disheartening. You may not even produce your best work.

Targeting clients in your area of expertise helps you build a relevant profile that enables you to attract lucrative clients and stay on top of your social media networks by sharing content and ideas you come across on your current project.

If you are struggling to balance the books with your online marketing campaigns, try giving your strategy a few tweaks and focus on moving in one direction.