Last Updated on 12th May 2021

Business MeetingConsumers are running out of patience with the continuous bombardment of advertisements for products and services they do not want. As a result of poor communication, consumers are abandoning brands.

According to a survey conducted by Janrain shows that 58% of consumers will unsubscribe from an email list after receiving three misplaced messages. 17% will pull the plug after one.

And now mobile users are being attacked through their handsets, the resistance levels will be even more difficult for marketers to breach. So how can marketers handle the changing mindset of consumers in the online world?

Personal touch

Marketing ads that appeal to individual consumer tastes and likes has been getting plenty of thumbs up online – and not just on Facebook. Consumers like to feel special and brands can stroke egos with personalised messages.

Surveys in the past have shown that consumers are more willing than ever to answer a questionnaire and share information about themselves. Yet this highly valuable data is not being used to its full potential by marketers.

Make decisions easy

A fundamental factor in the purchasing path is to give consumers an easy decision to make. With so many other distractions, internet users do not want their precious time hi-jacked with your marketing campaign.

You therefore need to keep ads simple and straightforward. Describe the benefits in bullets or make your ad so intriguing the target will want to click through to the next step.

Provide trustworthy information

Consumers are moving away from sales copy and referring to their peers before they decide whether to buy a product, use somebody’s services or book a holiday etc.

This really goes back to old school thinking, but the modern consumer has got better options than relying on the word of their next door neighbour.

A host of review sites and online magazines provide easy access to information on just about anything, and because people can leave comments about their experience, information consumers can rely on is ever present.

Companies can promote themselves and their products by referring consumers to these review sites. Not only does this give consumers information they want to know, but also shows that you are an honest company that cares about giving your customers the best options.

Expert advice

An extension of providing valued information with your audience should be conducted on-site as well as off-site. Rather than simply pointing your customers in the direction of third party review, keep a blog through which you can provide honest communication with your customers.

Keeping readers up-to-date with industry developments, offering advice, writing product reviews and showcasing new stock gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Before embarking on an advertising campaign online marketers should put themselves in the shoes of consumers. Given you are effectively consumers of other businesses this shouldn’t be difficult. So how can you appeal to the modern day consumer?