Social media conceptChoosing the right social networks for your marketing efforts is a vital part of your wider strategy. And just like everything else digital social networks evolve over time – which means the right choices five years ago may not be the best places to engage with your target audience.
Whether your business is an experienced social brand or you’re investing into this marketing strategy for the first time, it’s important you choose the right networks and assess your strategy on a regular basis to see if your content could be more effective elsewhere.

The changing role of Facebook

Facebook is ten years old now – and that’s a long time in this industry – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know it has changed dramatically over the years. Once a free place to engage with your audience, Facebook is only an effective tools these days if you buy into advertising on the network.
While Facebook users are getting older every year – so you might be better focusing on a different network if you want to target the youth generation. That’s not to say youngsters don’t use Facebook, but the average age bracket has risen by 46% since 2012 as mums and dads of the millennials sign up more regularly.

LinkedIn becomes a social authority

New members join LinkedIn every two seconds and the professional’s network has become the place to establish authority within your industry. Since the new publishing platform has been released anyone can take advantage of publishing content directly onto LinkedIn. If marketing means B2B for your business then this is the place to increase brand awareness, show your expertise and network with the right people.

Google+ down but not out

Google+ has had a tough year after a lot of speculation about the platforms future as a social tool. Users are having none of it though and Google+ is still a favourite for people in the digital and creative sector. It also comes with the benefits of Google‘s SEO prowess and remains a great place to publish content – even if Authorship is a thing of the past.

Instagram is the king of engagement

Instagram has shot to the top of engaging networks with 4.21% of brands’ followers engaging with their content. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider Facebook and Twitter score 0.07% and 0.03% retrospectively, you get an idea of how big this stat really is. Younger people are also more active on Instagram than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – something you need to think about if your target audience is of lesser years.

Never forget your goals, always question your network choices

The key thing to remember with social media is what you’re trying to achieve. The tools you have available will always change over time and new ones will come and go throughout the process. To get the most from your social strategy you need to constantly assess which networks will get the best results. Which means you need to keep a keen eye on what each network has to offer and how their roles change over the years.