Social media conceptIf Facebook is a part of you marketing strategy you will probably have weighed up the prospect of advertising on the social network. Paid Facebook ads are the best way to reach its giant audience, while organic reach on the network edges closer to 0%. Which means the only way to get the most out of Facebook as a marketing tool is to cough up and pay for advertising.

The trouble is you have to pay an increasing amount for ad space on the world’s biggest social network. And unless you’re lucky enough to have a marketing budget that grows each year, you may have to ask yourself if the ROI justifies the initial cost. So is now the time to invest in Facebook advertising or not?

The online ads game is changing

Google has been the dominant name in online ads for a long time now. However, things could be about to change as Facebook makes moves to increase its share of the market. Not long ago the social network announced the relaunch of Atlas – a platform that promises to offer accurate info on mobile ad performance – and the entire industry took note.

Mobile advertising has risen to the peak of Facebook‘s ad revenue, with 66% coming from mobile devices. This isn’t just a trend for Facebook but for every industry as users of all types shift to mobile for the majority of their web browsing needs.

Meanwhile, Facebook gets more expensive

A study by Ampush – a Facebook marketing partner – confirms that advertising with the network has become more expensive. This is especially true when it comes to targeting mobile users, but the report also highlights the effectiveness of Facebook mobile ads. This, in some ways, justifies the price increase and the majority of companies who already invest in Facebook ads probably aren’t worried.

It’s natural that Facebook ads are more pricey now because more business owners have bought into the platform. Not only that, but the network has made leaps and bounds in its mobile advertising ambitions – surpassing Google in offering up reliable info on mobile users and ad performance. The fact is, Facebook is the place to go for online ads right now and it comes as no surprise that you have to pay more to get in on the action.

So is now the time to invest?

Now is a very good time to invest in Facebook advertising – especially for mobile. While the Atlas platform will only be available to a select few to start with, the fact that Facebook can offer reliable information on ad performance across multiple devices is a genuine game changer.

Meanwhile, Facebooks organic reach is rapidly approaching 0% – which means your traditional social marketing efforts on the network becomes less effective every year. The sad truth is free advertising on Facebook has been dying a slow death for some time already and if you want to reach the audience of the world’s largest social network, you’ll have to pay for it.