Time For New ContentTo combat the drop in organic reach on Facebook, marketers have started to post content more frequently. But does this strategy work, or could it damage your organic reach?

Since Facebook slashed the number of followers to just 6%, marketers have been challenged to reach their audience without having to go down the paid ad route.

Posting content more regularly has been the common answer, and whilst this has had some positive shot-term results, posting more often could actually hurt your organic reach over the long-term.

Facebook has an algorithm to determine what type of content appears in a user’s newsfeeds in relation to previous content they have engaged with. Everything else is just “noise” they will never see as it is filtered out.

By posting content more often, you are making more noise, and in doing so could be hurting your organic reach as Facebook limit the number of stories that land in a newsfeed to 300 a day, so they say.

Therefore, your content could end up going to followers that do not have an interest in your content just because they once showed a fleeting interest in a previous post.

Furthermore, the more brands using the strategy to most more often, also means more noise is being created and your content gets pushed down the limited number of newsfeeds and off the board where it is never seen, a bit like Twitter.

When it comes to posting regularly on social media channels quantity is definitely more important than quality. You are interrupting a conversation without invitation on channels such as Facebook and Twitter and therefore you need to truly be able to anticipate the type of content which will be welcomed by the right audience at the right time. Make sure you do plenty of research in advance into all of the important dates and events your target audience cares about and investigate the types of content which others in your niche have shared before. You can take a sky scraper approach to these types of content and look to improve on the types of posts which worked before but do something better.

Potential problems with more posting

The outline above is only a potential problem and will not affect every company, but as more brands use this strategy, it makes Facebook a less effective platform for launching content to engage with your audience.

If the amount of content appearing in newsfeeds continues to drop, it will be virtually impossible for brands to reach their audience on Facebook and creating content become a waste of time.

The paradox is that by posting less content, you can actually improve your organic reach, but risk breaking social media etiquette by not sharing other people’s posts.

Marketer’s need to find a balance with content. The alternative is to move away from Facebook and adopt a newer social platform that does not pose the same problems Mark Zuckerberg and his team like to dish out.

We know it’s difficult to turn your back on years of hard work accruing a following, but essentially Facebook are only interested in your advertising money and if you are not prepared to pay the fees the network is useless to you anyway.