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We are in an era where website speed matters, security is flagged on non secure websites, the majority of website users are mobile-first and so an essential requirement is mobile-friendliness, and Google algorithmic updates are increasingly targeting technical aspects.

With this in mind it’s key to ensure your website is the best it can be from the start to compete with an ever improving competition benchmark.  We specialise in building high speed websites built from the ground up for maximum visibility online.  It’s not just speed either.  Your information architecture is key to both humans and search engines.  We take your target customer needs and map them out when building your website so your site is a natural automatic fit to meet search queries upon launch.  Website projects are planned with the needs of your target audience and your business objectives in mind.  We work closely with you to deliver the website you need to take your business to the next level online.  Once built we can help you build campaigns to market your new website and gain maximum cross-channel digital presence.

Services include:

Brochure Websites

Sometimes your business just wants to generate new leads through the website.  You don’t particularly need a huge site just the right type of web pages with the right messaging.  A brochure website is perfect to meet this need.  This solution is particularly fitting if you sell services rather than products, and, or the bulk of your business is dealt with offline, unlike ecommerce.

Ecommerce Websites

The right ecommerce setup on your website can be crucial and difficult to put right if build wrong in the first place.  We’ll help you plan and setup your site so it’s build from the ground up with the right click pathways for your customers to choose (and to get indexed in search engine result pages).  We’ve years and years of experience working on ecommerce sites and it makes sense for us to be involved from the start in your project, even if you’re initially thinking of using us just for marketing.  Why not let us help you build the best ecommerce website possible from the get-go?

Lead Generation Websites

A website can be a truly powerful source of lead generation if you’re looking to attract initial responses for your sales team or looking to fill your marketing pipeline and begin to build permission marketing relationships with your prospects.  First impressions count and you need an attractive solution to draw and convert leads in the first place.  We can help you pull prospects and turn them into genuine enquiries through the right site development and design.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile-first is the only way to go and whilst you could build a separate mobile site this only means you have another application to manage and develop.  Synchronising across mobile and desktop sites is simply a waste of resource.  A mobile responsive website is recommended by Google as the preferred route to take for those developing sites and considering re-platforms.  All of our projects are built with a mobile responsive web design – mobile-first.

Wordpress Web Development

Gone are the days when building a content management system from scratch was the norm.  WordPress provides a robust, yet open-source CMS solution and goes way beyond the brochure-site only option.  We’re highly experienced in designing and building WordPress applications from the ground up.  Our team of developers can migrate your existing site to WordPress or we can help you launch a brand new site.

Website Conversion Optimisation

Don’t be despondent if your site is getting traffic but not turning that traffic into enquiries.  There is always an answer and a reason for non-converting visitors.  We’ll analyse your current funnels, click paths and landing pages to understand the current visitor journey through your site.  We’ll then identify bottlenecks and help you to unblock them.

More reasons to choose Bertey for web design & development


Extensive experience

You’ll be dealing with a consultancy of senior professionals with decades of combined experience in both web design and website marketing.

Experts in online shopping

Our experts have been working on ecommerce sites for over a decade.  Huge knowledge to share and help you get more traffic if you are choosing to build an online shopping offering.

Multi CMS platform experience

We’ve worked on pretty much most CMS and online shopping platforms.  Whether you’re looking for a site is Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Open Cart or another type of platform such as Drupal, we’ll be able to help