webAs business owners continue to increase their digital marketing investment, it’s important they keep a keen aye on their ROI to make sure their efforts are paying off. No matter how proud you are of your website and entire online presence, it doesn’t count for much unless you pull in the profits as a result.
Which means you need to address where your online presence is losing sales and devise solutions to improve performance. Conversion rate optimisation plays a huge role here but there are a number of other aspects you need to look at to get the most from your online presence.


If you display prices on your website then you need to make sure you’re competitive. The internet gives people access to the best prices on just about everything – and if you ask too much from people they’ll go elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you always have to be the cheapest – particularly if you offer something others don’t – but customers want to know they are getting a good deal for their money.

User experience

If you expect people to hand over their hard-earned cash, you can’t afford to make it difficult for them. If users can’t find what they’re looking for or its too much hard work to get it you can guarantee one of your competitors will be happy to jump in. While a user experience that makes your website a pleasure to use will encourage return customers, top reviews and recommendations.

Product descriptions

Product and service descriptions are your final sales pitch before users decide whether to buy into your business. So it’s not an area you want to scrimp on and settle for anything less than quality copy. Far too many online businesses simply fill the gaps when it comes to content, rather than investing in copy that inspires people to buy their products.

Calls to action

Calls to action tell your audience what to do at the most vital moments. Whether it’s a “buy now” button or a call to check out your related blog posts, these vital snippets of content either close the deal or get users moving on to the next stage of the buying process. Which is why big brands invest a lot of time and money into crafting and experimenting with their calls to action.

Website speed

You could argue this comes under user experience but website speed is so important it deserves a mention of its own. People are incredibly impatient in the online world and you can’t afford to keep them waiting. Inefficient code, heavy visuals and a bunch of other things can slow your website down – and its worth addressing each of them to keep up with the pace.

This is just a small introduction into conversion rate optimisation and wider improvements to boost your online presence. The key takeaway is to keep your website, social media accounts and other online channels under a keen eye and constantly optimise. Data is vital here and tools like Google Analytics need to be a part of your digital marketing efforts if you want to maximise your conversion rates and peak ROI.