Desk with Social Media and Connection ConceptNow that Facebook is pushing paid advertising, it’s time marketers changed their social media strategy. So if you are going down the paid ad route, what tactics should you use to get the most bang for your buck?

Targeted audience

You would be surprised by the number of online businesses that do not know who their audience is, what they want and what their needs are. Until you have a specific audience to target, you will be spraying bullets and hoping to hit someone.

This strategy involves a lot of testing which means you will probably spend a lot of money for little return. It is not worth the investment. You need to find an audience that will show a genuine interest in your brand and product.

Use data analysis wisely

Having said that, there is still room for error when targeting an audience. It may be the case that you have generalised your audience rather than categorising them into specific targets. To do this, use consumer data to identify the type of individual your prospects are.

Ask questions like what are the interests of your followers, what have they purchased before, what content are they engaging with? This will determine which of your followers are mostly likely to purchase your product. Your aim then is to convert Likes into paying customers.

An offer you can’t refuse

It’s a no-brainer, but the better your offer is, the more people will buy. Value for money is still a priority for consumers, but the number one consideration is quality. This should be expressed in your copy.

The offer should come in the ad campaign. An irresistible offer will generate more clicks from the right targeted audience. You should then create a landing page where readers can learn more about the benefits and quality of your product. Just saying it is quality is not sufficient, you have to show the reader why it is worth buying.


The spend on Facebook ads is determined by the cost of keyword, the most commonly used keywords being the most expensive. You want to get rid of them unless they are making a profit.

There are no guarantees you will get the wording of your copy right either so check metrics for clicks on ad and conversions on landing pages. If there is a gulf between the figures, the likelihood is your copy needs improving. If you are not getting click-throughs are you finding the right audience or does the offer need to be more tempting?

In any form of marketing campaign there are always multiple factors that can influence the buying process, but by targeting an audience around specific keywords and conducting thorough analysis the fixes are easier to make.