collaborationThe digital age is changing the way we work. Or at least it gives companies the potential to adopt new practices that are cost-effective and wide-reaching.

Communication technology makes it possible for companies to improve the lines of communication both with users that are stationed in the office and creatives working from remote locations.

When you are working on a project with a team, the ability to communicate effectively with team members is essential otherwise the project could derail.

Large companies typically favour an intranet system for communication purpose. They are secure, easy to use and easy to connect with other people in your company or network. However, intranets typically have outdated features of communication.

Adding social to intranets

Social media has improved the way we communicate. It allows us to connect instantly and chat in real-time, share content and join discussion. In essence, social networks have all the tools you need to communicate with groups with less restrictions the conventional communication methods.

Rather than the digital age, we could call this period of history, the social media age. It is the driving force in many people’s lives right now. Users are addicted to Facebook and Twitter and companies are beginning to reap the benefits of social media marketing.

Social tools are already commonplace in our lives, and are proven to improve lines of communication. It is surprising then that so many large companies that have an intranet are reluctant to upgrade their internal communication network with social tools.

Secure social intranets

Intranets are secure and can only be seen by the company. This is why most large companies install them in the first place. But now companies are recognising hey can save money by recruiting the services of creative freelancers issues can arise with sharing private information over unsecured channels.

Deploying social features in your intranet means that communication through this channel is also secure. And it is possible to add external members to your internal system so that business-related discussion remain in-house.

In the modern business age, it makes sense to take advantage of technology, especially when it reduces overheads. Paying freelancers to work from remote locations can hugely sever your wage bill, and if that is the path you choose to tread, you need effective means of communication. If you already have an intranet installed, why not improve it with tools that do the job more efficiently.