social mediaThe importance of using images and animated videos is apparent in online marketing. According to Rhythm & Insights, animated GIFs improve ad engagement by 22 per cent and there are loads of other eye-opening statistics that indicate the benefits video can have in an online marketing campaign.

Of course, the reason why images appeal to online users is because the human brain responds better to pictures than words. It is scientifically proven our brains process information from images far quicker than text.

What are GIF’s?

Over the past two decades, Graphic Image Format (GIF) software has improved and is now capable of storing compressed files without losing any of the quality. You can therefore publish images on your website that is compressed into a small file and does not weigh heavily on your upload speed.

GIF’s have been something of a godsend for website owners and end-users, so it should come as no surprise they are being used by an increasing number of marketers. Video is set to become the leading advertising platform. TV on the net!

With the right type of GIF software program you can build brand awareness, develop a voice and brand image and create stunning animated content that will attract more engagement and possibly even go viral. So let’s look into this more deeply.

Developing a brand personality

To have a successful online presence your brand needs to develop a personality your audience want to engage in. To do this you need a strong voice that has character and authority.

You can achieve this with high levels of success by actually creating an animated character that represents your brand, something like the Churchill dog, or a soccer team mascot.

Of course, your animated figure does not have to be an animal, it can be a person to. The future of online marketing is to show your audience that you are a business owned by human beings.

And it can be easy to forget that connection in the virtual world whereby we ironically become disconnected from one another despite the amount of opportunities to “connect”. Do you not crave to interact with a human when you telephone your bank rather than an automated machine you shout numbers at?

Profile products

Animated GIF’s also enable you to bring products to life in 3D computer graphics rather than a 2D photograph and a written description. You can even demonstrate how to use your product and get current customers to explain how your product has benefited their life.

As the old adage says, the camera never lies and GIF’s are an intricate means of highlighting product features in visual file format. And social media users are lapping up video content.

According to digitalsherpa 100 million internet user are engaging with video content and visual aids help to increase the understanding of a product by up to 74%.

For many online businesses, social media networks provide a direct access to prospects with mobile handsets with which they can instantly access animated media.

The marketing arena is set-up to feature video content and animated GIF’s posted in your social media networks is the best route to take right now. But don’t be surprised if alternative options emerge in the coming years. Video is THAT big!