Social media signsIf social media marketing has becoming a drag, maybe it’s time to investigate the alternatives.

Facebook and Twitter are making it more complicated for marketers to reach their audience. Whilst Facebook has limited the number of adverts that have organic reach, Twitter is so overwhelmed with content and your post is gone within seconds.

As a result, nobody is reading your content.

The dissatisfaction amongst marketers and online business owners is growing. Many are turning their backs on established social sites in favour of up and coming rivals.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options.


Ryze has a similar concept to LinkedIn in that allows professionals to promote their skills and services. It is therefore best suited for freelancers and entrepreneurs to gain better visibility online and secure new clients.

The only downside to this platform is that is carries a small charge of $10 which compared to Facebook could be a more cost effective way if investing in social media marketing.


One of the fastest growing social networks is Quora – principally because of its association with experts in industries. A big part of social networking is widening your visibility and raising brand awareness. Quora allows you to do this whilst also positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

It works like Yahoo answers whereby somebody can post a message that is open to the forum of specialists to answer. If discussion threads begin, get involved to see what other experts are saying and keep up with latest trends, developments and industry news.


Bubblews essentially mimics Facebook, but without wasting your time. The advantage Bubblews has over the number one social network however is that your content is driven towards an audience that have an interest in the subjects you are writing about.

Uses can like, comment and share content, so the better your content the more exposure it will get, but without being mashed in with feeds featuring content that is irrelevant and unnecessary.


Medium works in a similar way to other blog-based social media networks mentioned above together with the blog-like platform LinkedIn introduced last year.

Again the key factor is that content is organised into themes so that readers can choose what subjects they want to read about. This way you can be assured that your content is reaching an audience that has a general interest. Enticing headlines are a must.


Vine is a Twitter spin-off dedicated to video. Basically, you have six seconds to deliver your video message. It’s not easy, but is a great deal of fun and as it is still in its fledging stages is not overwhelmed with content thus gives marketers a chance to be more visible.

With the major social networks making it more difficult for marketers to get their content in front of an audience, it’s time online business owners started looking for alternative solutions to attract organic traffic.