social mediaFacebook look to be advancing plans to provide users with a voice recognition service. The social media giant has purchased start-up company which builds voice activated interfaces.

The new technology understands natural language and will allow users to interact with their social media account using voice commands rather than typing.

The platform that Facebook provides will effectively allow businesses to directly contact customers and have a virtual two-way conversation. Messages can be so much more personal and give individuals more choice over which advertising they choose to interact with.

Voice marketing

Voice marketing is not a new concept, but one that will be more accessible to SME’s thanks to the proposed advancement in social media marketing.

The technology has been used by major corporations for some years now and customers are already used to interacting with speech recognition technology when they phone their bank, insurance company or energy companies.

By phrasing questions that can be answered with simple replies, such as “yes”, “no” and “Hello,” marketers can reach prospects with charming messages that appear personal.

The technology may not be efficient for another couple of years, but as mobile marketing grows at a rapid pace, it is worth looking into how you will be put together a voice marketing campaign in the near future.