Website And Social Media CubesMark Zuckerberg has been splashing the cash again – this time with the acquisition of TheFind, an eCommerce search engine that personalises shopping experiences for Facebook users.

The new function is good news for small businesses that act as resellers for top-named brands. For small company manufacturers it’s another nail in the online coffin.

TheFind claims to index more than 500 million products from 500,000 stores and make it easier for online consumers to find the products they want for great tie-in deals. Typical offers include something along the line of discounts with Amazon if you buy a coffee from Starbucks.

In other words, large corporations are working with each other to dangle carrots in front of online shoppers. And now they can dangle the carrot on Facebook walls to give them more visibility and a greater share of the population.

Relevant Facebook ads

According to Facebook, the ads will work on relevancy. Users signed in to Facebook and have authorised TheFind to post messages on their wall should receive products and services they are interested in based on previous account activity related to Facebook ads.

It is not certain exactly how TheFind feature will work within the Facebook platform other than the results are based on your social profile. Local businesses should therefore be able to elevate their products to local customers.

With this in mind it is worth running through your Facebook “friends” and prioritising local followers rather than international followers. With mobile also focusing on local search, the internet no longer caters for global reach for online shoppers. That is a good thing for many small business merchants selling international known products.