Website And Social Media CubesFacebook announced last week that it is adding the carousel ad format to mobile platforms. The social media network launched the feature for desktops last year and it proved to be a huge success.

According to official statistics, carousel images with embedded links in Facebook ads “drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than the single links ads.”

But other than the financial benefits, the carousel feature also allows marketers to be more creative and develop eye-catching advertisements. Not only can you improve ad performance, you can also increase engagement with end-users.

What is the Facebook carousel?

If you haven’t already seen how carousel ads work, it is quite simple. Companies can post up to five images on a rolling scroll and embed direct links to product pages.

The interactive nature of the carousel has proven to be more effective than any other advertising feature on Facebook. A whole host of top brands have published content detailing how the feature has boosted sales.

Scrolling images grab the attention of consumers and helps businesses to raise brand awareness. The instant links also provide a direct response function which can negate the need for a two or three step purchasing process.

If you want to improve your engagement with your Facebook audience, get your creative team together and figure out your best approach of creating eye-catching carousels that appeal to mobile users.