Website And Social Media CubesFacebook is pushing its paid ad subscriptions by adding deep links to app installations. The service allows advertisers to steer mobile uses to specific pages.

The feature works by downloading a mobile app ad inside Facebook and directing it to a specific product page or landing page rather than the homepage. This enables marketers to drive traffic directly to relevant pages and improve the user-experience for mobile users.

By removing the in-between steps of a purchasing process, online businesses should expect to improve engagement and conversion rates – and Facebook can expect to turn more heads towards their paid advertising service.

Because deep link capabilities are more convenient for end-users to find content and deals they are pursuing, the service is more effective for helping marketers achieve goals. Not only that, but installing the links is pretty easy.

Setting up deep links in paid ads

To imbed a deep link, all you have to do is open your mobile ad install where you will find a new Deep Link field has been added to the creation tools.

All you need to do then is enter the deep link URL and check the deep link verifier to ensure the link is set up properly before you run the app. You can also install apps using the Deep Link option is SDK Facebook.

For more information and instruction about Facebook’s new deep linking option for mobile apps, visit their website.