Sign pole social media on whiteOne of the challenges faced by digital marketers is deciding which content will perform well in search engines. There are various ways of doing this, but the quick way is to use a new tool developed by Mashable.

As part of a Social Media Panel in New York last week, CEO of Mashable, Pete Cashmore unveiled a set of new marketing suite which includes a tool dubbed “Velocity” which identifies trending stories and predicts which will go viral.

Velocity analyses keywords and headlines that appear in traditional news cycles and uses the data to identify trending topics. Cashmore claims that trends can be identified up to eight hours before they become breaking news.

Topical content

The new marketing tool allows content curators to identify topical subjects and produce content around the keywords that are likely to be typed into search engine by end-users.

Of course, the content you produce must be relevant to your business. Search engines guidelines do not allow you to publish content that is not relevant to your business. This is deemed to be an attempt to manipulate search results and is punished with a penalty.

But Mashable know that and have coded the algorithm to target the users keywords. This allows you to search for trending news that is relevant to your industry.

To get ahead in content marketing, digital marketers need to be able to predict the future, and although marketing tools may not be 100% accurate in predicting which news items will go viral, they are successful at predicting trends.