search engine optimisationThere are many tactics you can employ to improve your SEO, both on-page and off-page. Today we are going to look at our favourite five verticals with which we have the most success.

Your SEO strategy of course, should not be limited to these five tactics alone, but they do form the core of your SEO success, thus you cannot improve you page rank (or it’s equivalent since Google has not updated the page rank status of sites in a long time, nor intends to do so), without them.

Strong site structure

Site structure IS the foundation of your SEO. Google stress the need for good user experience therefore information architecture is vital. Visitors should be able to easily navigate to the part of your site THEY want to go and not where you want to take them.

The structure of your site therefore requires categories and menus that are functional, clearly signposted and well-organised. Without a site structure, visitors will struggle to find information they want quickly and will leave frustrated.

Crawl optimisation

A good site structure also makes it easier for search engine bots to crawl your site and index pages. Crawlers cannot automatically determine everything on any one page, and if your pages are not optimised they will not be indexed properly therefore will not appear in search engines results.

Mobile optimization

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing industry ever and is set to keep on growing and growing. And growing. In short, you cannot afford to ignore mobile optimisation – especially since Google took the decision to penalise websites that are not optimised for mobile screens, and therefore do not produce a good user-experience.

And because consumers have some form of mobile device with them at virtually all times of the day there is so many things you can do to take advantage of mobile technology and engage directly with customers – an essential element for example is improving customer services and support.

Publishing content

When it comes to attracting traffic, there is no better means than publishing engaging content – typically posted on social media networks, but also on third party sites.

There are many ways in which you can produce content, but the key factor is that it offers value to your audience. Video advertising is fast becoming the number one means of catching the eye and raising brand awareness.

Find the right audience on social media

It can often be the case that online marketers throw the net far and wide across the Net. The problem is the net has huge holes in it and the fish get away.

A prime example of this is gathering as many followers on social media as possible. It doesn’t work this way. There is little point have 1000’s of followers that do not visit your website. You have to find the right audience.

Online marketing follows the same rules and patterns as offline marketing. You go where you customers are. Social networks have search engines you can use to identify potential prospects.

Regardless of whether you are a start-up company or an established online trader with a decade-old website, if you do not include these five verticals in your SEO strategy you will not attract traffic to your site and improve your search engine ranking.