linkedinFor B2B professionals, Linkedin is arguably the social network to be. The growing number of professional service providers are reaping the rewards of instant connections – to the right people.

And now Linkedin has developed a publishing platform, not only can online businesses effectively network, you can also position yourself as an specialist in your field and show off your expertise.

Here are a few pointers for maximising the benefits of networking on Linkedin.

LinkedIn publisher stats

If you are not already publishing content on Linkedin, the social platform is a good place to start. Unlike many of the other social networks, your content is being received by your connects.

They also provide you with valuable statistics which enable you to measure whether users are engaging with your content. You can view how many people visit your content and how long they spend reading it.

This info alone is a good indication of whether they are reading the entire post or only hanging around to take in the first paragraph or two. If readers are moving on within the first minute, you need to revise the approach of your writing style or your material.

Consider sales navigator

Although Linkedin are now charging for a fully-functional sales navigator, it is arguably worth the investment – albeit not for everyone. Unlike the limited free version, the master navigator provides valuable information with regards prospect research hand buyer identification.

Not only that, you also have access to relevant information about your target company and what your prospects care about which enables you to influence decision-makers more effectively.

Join niche groups

Linkedin has hundreds of niche groups that users have set up to attract other special interest users. Join one that fits in with your company brand and products as it gives you a ready-made audience to engage with.

But don’t limit yourself to pushing your own interests, engage with others by commenting on their posts and adding your own two-penneth and priceless tid-bits of advice.

The purpose of joining groups is to keep up with latest developments in your industry, build valuable relationships, collaborate with like-minded people and promote yourself as a specialist in your industry.

Organise LinkedIn profiles

Social media networks are a hub for collecting valuable information about your prospects and building a profile on them. You may not see a window of opportunity immediately, but instinct will tell you when you happen across a user that may be beneficial to you in the future.

Remember that social networking is not just about selling your services. There are ample opportunities for you to improve brand awareness, collaborate with fringe companies, raise your online visibility and discover affiliate partners.

Social media is becoming increasingly important for online businesses. Being active is essential and with a bit of savvy you can fashion opportunities you would not ordinarily have thought possible; or even thought of!