Google has added three new features to AdWords that make managing your campaigns easier. The search giant has been busy this year with its paid ads system as the online advertising competition heats up – and Google isn’t done yet.
Not all the changes have been welcomed – particularly the removal of exact match keywords – but Google looks set to end the year on a positive note with three more tweaks. Multiple account logins and automated extensions reports make the platform more convenient and offer better feedback. While the new Treemaps Reports – which is actually an Analytics feature – will make it easier to improve your ad performance.

Multiple account logins

This simple little tweak will have AdWords users everywhere jumping for joy. The pain of tabbing through multiple browsers to access different AdWords accounts are no more. Google has installed a new workflow tool that allows you to log in to multiple accounts at the same time, via the AdWords panel.
You simply need to click the login email or Customer ID in AdWords and click on the account selector. Then you can select from your account and add new ones to speed up the management process of your ad campaigns.

Automated extensions reports

Google has also renamed the annotations feature more accurately as “automated extensions”. Earlier this year Google rolled out annotations to automatically generate free extensions for ads that don’t pay for the manual service. And in addition to the new name, automated extensions are also coming with reports so you can see how the feature impacts the performance of your ads.
Previously, advertisers have had no insights into the impact automated extensions make on their ads. Google tells us they increase click through rate and boost conversions, but now ad managers can see the effect for themselves. You can find the reports in the new “Automated extensions” section, under the View drop-down menu.

Analytics Treemaps Reports

As the heading suggests this isn’t actually an AdWords feature, but this new addition to the Analytics toolbox will be a massive boost to your PPC campaigns. AdWords works best when it teams up with Analytics and the new Treemaps Reports gives you fresh insights into your paid ads performance.
Treemapping uses nested rectangles to visually display key metrics. You can think of treemaps much like a table or diagram, except they make it much quicker to compare specific metrics and spot any overlooked weaknesses. The great thing about this feature is that it will make tracking your ad performance much faster – without the need to crunch so many numbers.
You can tally up impressions against click through rate in a matter of seconds. Which not only helps you monitor performance and spot weaknesses, but it also means you can see the effect of changes much faster too. The new Treemaps Reports feature allows you to experiment with your ad campaigns and see impact quicker than before.

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